Biomass Boiler systems, Grain Drying Equipment, District, Commercial and Industrial Heating - Topling Limited are suppliers of biomass energy systems in the UK and Ireland.



Why Biomass?


The term biomass describes the use of plant material, such as straw or wood, as a fuel for energy generation. In the case of biomass heating, straw, woodchip or other sustainable biomass fuels are burnt in a modern, highly efficient boiler to generate useful heat for agricultural, domestic or industrial use, particularly in off-grid locations and where an indigenous fuel supply is available.

When used in this way biomass is a cost-effective and climate-friendly alternative to the use of fossil fuels such as heating oil and gas, providing both financial savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



Why Topling?


The Topling team has been at the forefront of biomass heating for many years and our systems have been developed to be some of the cleanest and most efficient biomass boilers available.

As well as using proven biomass heating technology, Topling Ltd has experience in both biomass fuel production and arable cropping, making us ideally placed to understand the needs of customers in the rural and agribusiness sectors.

Our strategic partnerships with builders, installers and fuel suppliers means that we can offer flexible solutions to all customers, from simple boiler supply through to turnkey grain drying and heating solutions.

Our Products


Topling boilers have been designed to be some of the cleanest and most efficient biomass systems in the marketplace and to provide effective, long-term solutions for a wide range of intensive energy users, including farmers, landowners, commercial growers, small to medium businesses and district and commercial heating schemes.

We supply two ranges, the SASP, available from 500kW to 2MW, a range of highly efficient RHI emissions compliant multi-fuel gasification boilers, which operate with a wide range of biomass fuels, including those with an up to 60% moisture content, and the KPR-BSB, a market leading dedicated straw boiler range, available in 990 kW, which is particularly suited to users with access to their own bailed fuel supply.